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Rail transit refers to a type oftransportation or transportation system that a vehicle needs to run on a specific track. The most typical rail transit system is a railway system composed of traditional trains and standard railways. With the diversified development of train and railway technology, rail transit presents more and more types, not only in long-distance land transport, but also widely used in short and medium-distance urban public transport.

Common rail transit includes traditional railways (national railways, inter-city railways and regional railways),subway, light rail and tram. New rail transit systems include maglev track system, monorail system (straddle track system and suspension track system) and passenger automatic rapid transit system. In China's National Standard Terms and Terms for Urban Public Transport, urban rail transit is defined as "the general term for high-speed and large-capacity public transport,which is usually powered by electric energy and operated by wheel-rail."

According to the service scope differences,rail transit is generally divided into three categories: national railway system,inter-city rail transit and urban rail transit. Rail transit generally has the advantages of large capacity, high speed, dense shifts, safety and comfort, high punctuality, all-weather, low freight and energy-saving and environmental protection, but it is often accompanied by higher pre-investment,technical requirements and maintenance costs, and occupies a larger space.

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  • Locomotive resistance
    Locomotive resistance
    High voltage, high power and small volume.
  • GST high value thick film resistors
    GST high value thick film resistors
    High value thick film resistors;Variable lead span;Excellent values of tolerance.
  • RTP power thick film resistors
    RTP power thick film resistors
    High power,wide resistance value;Easy mounting.
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